TP 1



  1. ISO 13485 certified manufacturer.
  2. Antibacterial hydrophobic air filter with female luer lock/male luer lock.
  3. Protective hydrophobic barrier allows only sterile air to pass through, protectingpatients and equipment from cross contamination.
  4. Choice of media to accommodate sterilization methods.
  5. Colored housings available for identification.
  6. Custom printed blister packaging available.
  7. Housings designed to withstand pneumatic pulsing.


Connected with blood line set and dialysis machine sensor

 Part No. Raw materialsStandard (Dimension:L×W×H=563×383×244mm)Sterilization method

HOUSING / Semi-Rigid PVC (Medical-Grade)
MEMBRANE / PTFE (Medical Membrane)
Pore Size – 0.2 μm

5,000 EA
( Bulk )
PA-018004      1,000 EA
( Single-Pouch )


Effective Filtration Area 2.5 cm2
Materials Filter Media:PTFE
Inlet/Outlet Connections Female Luer Lock (FLL)
Female Luer Slip (FLS)
Male Luer Lock (MLL)
Male Luer Slip (MLS)
All Luers conform to ISO594
Maximum Operating Temperature 55℃(131℉)
Pore Size 0.2μm
Sterilization Method ETO
Biological Safety Materials of construction pass USP Biological
Reactivity Tests, in Vivo<88>
Minimum Water Breakthrough PTFE:1.1bar/30seconds
Chemical Tests Approved: pH ≦ Δ1.5mL JP XIV
Heavy Metal < 1ppm   JP XIV
Potassium Permanganate-Reducing JP XIV
Substances ≦ Δ1.0 mL JP XIV
UV Spectrum ≦ 0.05 ABS JP XIV
(based on 350nm)  JP XIV
Residue on Evaporation ≦ 1mg    JP XIV