Endo Bag

It is used to collect the dissected part from the abdomen, i.e. gallbladder, other dissected tissue, or appendix.



  1. For 10, 11, 12mm trocars.

  2.  Easy-to-grasp handle.

  3.  Tubed shaft allows for smooth retraction and deployment.

  4.  Rip-stop and leak prevent TPU bag for superior strength and security.

  5.  Substantial bag, different volume to accommodate a wide range of specimen size.

  6.  Sterilization method: ETO

  7.  ISO 10993 biocompatibility tests passed.



  • Laparoscopic surgery (in Cholecystectomy solid tumor removal, nephrectomy)

  •  Endoscopic surgery (in urology, obstetrics and gynecology)

  •  General surgery



Model No.ABS Guidance TubeTPU BagRing Wire
S-88-A01 OD:10mm


5.4"x3.7"   (75ml)


S-88-A02 6.6"x4.9" (200ml)
S-88-A03 7.2"x5.2" (350ml)
S-88-A04 7.2"x5.9" (700ml)
S-88-B01 5.4"x3.7"   (75ml)
S-88-B02 6.6"x4.9" (200ml)
S-88-B03 7.2"x5.2" (350ml)
S-88-B04 7.2"x5.9" (700ml)


10 sets / 1 inner box   、   150 sets / 1 export carton ( 580x370x274mm )