Laboratory testing services

To ensure the product safety, we have invested in the laboratory software and hardware equipment upgrade. In 2018, our laboratory is certified with Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) certificate. Now we can meetthe verification requirements of our own and customers.


Testing optionsTest items
 Sterility test  ISO11737-2
 Bioburden test  ISO11737-1
Bloburden recovery test   ISO11737-1
 Settle plate Test  USP1116
 Biological indicators  ISO11138
Endotoxin detection test   Call to contact us
 Sterilization validation  ISO11135
 Particle pollution test  ISO8536
 Surface microbial count  ISO 14644-1
 Bacteriostasis /Fungistasis tests ISO11737-2,USP71
 EO/ECH/EG Residual test  ISO 10993-7

       dissolved matter test




       4.Reducing (Oxidizable)matter

       5.Residue on evaporation

       6.UV Absorption of extract solution

       7.Eavy metal test

          (Pb、Cd 0.002-0.500 mg/l Cd)

       8.Thermal stability conge red Test

JP&GB Test 

       Water quality test


       2.Total alkalinity (20-400mg/l CaCo3)

       3.Iron test (0.010-5.00 mg/l Fe)

       4.NH4-N (0.010-3.00 mg/l NH4-N)


       6.Oxygen cell test (0.5-12.0 mg/l O2)

       7.Suspended solid (25-750 mg/l TOC)

       8.BOD cell test (0.5-3000 mg/l O2)

Merck reagent test 



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